24 January 2011
Miami, FL

Hey Everyone

US SAILING’s Rolex Miami OCR started today with 2 races. I had a mixed day with a 23, OCS, but my experience was very positive and I took away a lot of lessons, some newly learned and some relearned.

Trying Out The Arm Compression Sleeves Again
Photo: (c) US Sailing Rolex Miami FaceBook Page

This week I am in the Laser, beginning my Olympic campaign. I have the privilege of working with the great Arthur Brett from Australia; he will be my coach for the event. He is the most professional coach with whom I have ever worked and his knowledge is unprecedented.

Today the wind was between 11 to 15 knots from the east gradient, which required different tactical strategies from the normal sea breeze in warm south Florida. The fastest way around the course was to recognize in what phase the wind was at that time and how many phases given the length of the beat. Although there should have been advantage with the flat water today, it was not great enough to offset the phase of the wind. Downwind was a pressure searching day where much was gained or lost by being out to a side. Most of the guys who have been training here for the last month showed their skills, including USA, Canada, Britain.

I am full training in the Laser now and had some moments in the top today and will have some tomorow. Mistakes are only feedback and are only steps along the way. The road is hard and long to being the best you can be and I am giving it my best.

Results can be found on the event website.

Thanks to all my sponsors: Handy Storage, Zhik, Kaenon, and you.

See you on the water,