Loyal Sailgroove fans will know from my announcement on Chalk Talk that I am moving out of my Somerville, MA apartment, which has also become the defacto headquarters of Sailgroove, and moving to Austin TX. Longtime fans may remember that I pulled this stunt before, in Novemeber of 2008, only to return to Boston at the start of the 2009 college sailing season. Well this time I'm for real.

My girlfriend Andrea and I have subleased our New England residence, sent a U-Haul container full of furniture down ahead of us, signed a lease, and are currently on our way. I write this on an iPad in the passenger seat of her 2000 Volvo which is somewhere in Northern Virginia headed south on I-81. Tom Charpentier, who is a longtime Sailgroove contributer and recently produced coverage of the New England Women's Championship, is taking care of the day to day business of running the site while I'm taking my turns at the wheel.

Why Austin? you ask? Austin is the World Headquarters for Sailgroove's parent company, Flocasts (flocasts.com,) and while I've enjoyed working from home for the past two years, we are a growing company and as a team are capable of much more than I could have done on my own. Working with our team of programmers, designers, production personnel and alongside the heads of our other websites, I am confident Sailgroove will be able to deliver more content of an even higher caliber than we are today.

New England has been my home my whole life, growing up in Billerica and Holliston, MA, sailing on Cape Cod and at Boston University and living in the city for the past four years, so I am sad to leave it behind. At the same time I'm excited for my new life in a very unique city. I've spent a considerable amount of time there since starting Sailgroove in October 2008 and can tell you it's nothing like the rest of Texas, nor is it like anywhere else in the country. It's a young city dominated by U.T. Students and young professionals imported from everywhere. The Tex-Mex and barbecue is outstanding and there's live music everywhere. Lake Travis, home of the Austin Yacht Club and U.T. Sailing, provides great sailing year-round.

So while we still have another 20 hours or so in front of us, I can already imagine all the great work I'll be doing at Flocasts HQ on 5th St., ribs hot out of the pit at Salt Lick restaurant and a stiff breeze while racing on a J/24 belonging to My coworker Pat Hitchins.

So starting Wednesday, feel free to stop in if you're in the area, and in the meantime let me know if any tornadoes turn up on the weather channel between Virginia and Texas.