August 20, 2011
Detroit, MI

2011 Detroit Cup Bayview YCWe split the day at 1-1 today at the Detroit Cup. It was a full day of racing, but we only got two races in, both very exciting, one in which we capsized the Ultimate 20.

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The day started slow with the wind not really cooperating. The race committee was able to pull off one flight before the fleet was sent in for the Big Brother and Big Sister fleet race. It was a charity race where some of the teams got to take some of the "bigs and littles" out for a sail. I ended up crewing for Taylor Canfield for the race. Our team did quite well, finishing 4th in the race. Taylor and I did nothing during the race, our new team did all the work for us including driving the boat. The wind started to fill in solidly at the end of that race, so the match racing could get back underway quickly after the fleet race was finished.
Eventually we got to go out for our make up race. It was a good race, where we had an exciting leeward mark rounding as our opponent failed to give us mark room and smothered us with his kite. We went on to win the race and then headed in quickly to find out who we were racing in the quarterfinals. As it turned out, we were in a three way tie for third, but we lost the tie so were the 5th seed for the quarters. We were paired up with Jordan Reese from Australia. Because there are only six boats, our pair had to sit and watch the first three pairs race before we got to head out. In the meantime, we were watching a big line of storms and rain approach Detroit from the west.
We got to start our race shortly after the other pairs had finished. We had an OK start, but Jordan did a good job getting to our wind and we had to tack away. At the top, he had a length or two lead and we managed to close the gap downwind. Up the second beat the wind had swung to the right a little and we found a clean lane after two tacks and headed for the top mark, and that's where the excitement started to happen. The wind had been around 14kts for the race and still was as we tacked to port, two lengths from the mark. As we got to the mark, Jordan had just rounded, and then in a nanosecond, the wind picked up to almost 30kts, just like that. We wiped out as we passed the mark; unfortunately, our boom hit it. Jordan also wiped out, but he was able to get his boat up and going again shortly after. We, on the other hand, had now managed to put our mast in the water and Hamish had to get on the keel to right the boat. We managed to get the boat upright and going again, but it was a little too late. We lost the first race of the series, but have a chance to win two races tomorrow and advance on. Racing is scheduled to start at 9am and will be live on the regatta website: along with the results.
Thanks to all my sponsors: Handy Storage, Zhik, Kaenon, Almaco, to you, my readers, and particularly my parents, for always supporting my dream of being an Olympic medalist in the Laser.
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