December 14, 2011
Fremantle, AUS

Brad FunkDay 3. A race counts if the PRO sees fit, even though the racers want to abandon the race!
Brad Is #055
Photo: copyright Mick Anderson/SAILINGPIX.DK

The reason I say this is because during our first race today, I had climbed to 15th by the first leward mark. But then 40 degree shifts began to materialise with very little visual on the water; at least not enough to give time to position for them so dropped to 23rd.

Arthur (coach) helped me to keep my composure and had me focus on my strengths. I realized that this next race may be one of the most important Laser races in my career, so I said, "I'm gonna have fun no matter what happens". Planned my first beat, using the last 2min before the gun to observe the fleet ahead which was showing a big up-angle on port, indicating left shift and pressure. Was fifth boat up from pin and nailed the start in 10 to 12kt. Second at top mark; maintained until second weather mark when I passed the Swede downwind and held him off on the third beat and last run. Felt good to win one; it's been a long time and everything just flowed. And what's funny is I told myself 30 seconds after the start, "I'm gonna f***in' win this race".

Into gold fleet; two races then a layday. G'night. Never give up; never surrender!

You can follow the sailing via the live blog and check on the results at the regatta website: Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships ( (FYI: Perth, AUS is 13hrs ahead of EST in the States or UTC+8hr)

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