I have moved to within four points of the lead after today’s sailing. We got in three very tricky races and I had three great races. Despite a black flag in the first race, I won the race on the water, and the other two races I finished with a 4th, 2nd.

I was a bit disappointed at first about my black flag, because I didn’t think that I was over. No one else in the little group that I was in was black flagged, but I shot out of the group quite quickly. There was a boat a couple boat lengths to windward and to leeward of me that were black flagged, so my thought was that because I had a great acceleration early I was called early too. That aside, I didn’t have a great advantage off the line, and rounded the first mark in 11th, but sailed the course well and was second by the next windward mark, and passed the remaining boat on the reach. one of the redeeming factors of the race was that all of my competition sailed deep races too, so although it would have been very nice to have a bullet on the score board, nobody got an advantage on me because of it. I actually gained points on regatta leader Veronika Fenclova from the Czech Republic as she sailed a 12th place in the race. The race for both of us was a drop race, so I ended up counting a 9th to her 11th, which meant that I gained two points on her.

The second race was very shifty again. At the start, we were heading for a big left shift that was coming down the course, and then about a minute into the race, the people that had been flushed out at go hooked into some massive right hand pressure and soared over the top of us. Half way up the beat it looked quite bad for me, but I played the last couple of shifts right and rounded the top mark in about 6th and passed two more boats before the finish. I finished 4th, with Veronika finishing 6th. Another two points gained!

The last race was a similar story but this time with the left side of the course. I again saved where I was and rounded in about 10th. On the downwind leg the wind almost completely died, and I saw over my shoulder a big puff coming from the right side of the course. I gybed to port and crossed the bows of the whole fleet, to get into the new pressure. It worked out and I rounded the bottom mark in 1st. up the next beat I had Veronika right behind me, so I played the shifts, but made sure I stayed in touch with her so I wouldn’t loose boats on her. As it turned out, I lost a couple boats, but she was still behind me. I rounded the top mark in third with her in 5th. We both passed a boat on the last downwind and finished 2nd and 4th respectively, gaining another two points.

We are the last race of the day tomorrow on our course with our race starting at 1pm. The conditions are forecasted to be around 15kts with some good waves. I’m very much looking forward to the sailing and can’t wait to do some hiking. The points are close so it will be some good racing.

You can check the results at the regatta website here : http://sof.ffvoile.net/results/laserr.htm

I would like to thank my sponsor Carmeuse for their continued support of my campaign for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Sail Hard,