Summer is here! Sailgroove is entering it's first summer sailing season since I got the site off the ground last October. What a ride it's been so far! I got my feet wet in the fall by bouncing around to different college practices and events, while also covering events like High School Singlehand Champs and Melges 24 North Americans.

When the college and high school seasons went on winter break, I checked out Melges 32's, Lasers, Key West and Miami OCR before diving right back into the college scene this spring. Somehow, I managed to get to thirteen separate college regattas and visit six more college teams before Nationals, while also covering five high school practices and three HS regattas, not to mention taking a week to shoot J24 Worlds in Annapolis.

Now it's June and the all the schools are on summer break. So now what? Well last week I posed that question to all of you in this Topic thread, and the response has been terrific. I got suggestions ranging from Optis to to keelboats and travel suggestions stretching across the country in all directions. Well thank you. That's just what I intend to do. I'm still working on plans for the summer, but I can tell you that nothing is off-limits. Over the next few months I will be doing my best to bring you everything I can. If there's an event you know of that's not on the list yet, go ahead and add it.

I am totally psyched about this summer. There are so many people out there that I haven't reached yet. There are so many facets of our sailing community that deserve to be showcased that, up until now, just haven't been getting enough attention. But I can't do it all on my own.

Between now and Labor Day, there are only eleven weekends, but there are literally hundreds of events that would be worth putting on the site. What do you say we team up? I'll do everything I can to cover the world championships, the big-time sailors and the events that everyone is begging me to be at, and you all can be in charge of covering events at your local club and regattas you are sailing in. All you have to do is bring a long a camera. Need some instructions? Check out the Sailgroove 101 series about using the site. You'll learn how to upload videos and photos, how to create your own coverage page, and lots more. If you have any more questions, ask me and I'll help you out.

Just think about what we can accomplish together over the next few months. With the strength and breadth of our community and with this free technology right here in front of you, the possibilities are endless.

You ready to get started?