Just imagine... Jet-setting to far away venues, schmoozing with elite sailors, getting a great tan... For me, this is everyday life, but wouldn't you like to do it too?

With all the sailing happening this summer I can't possibly be everywhere I want to be, so I'm looking for some sailgroovers who might be willing to lend a hand. Here's how it works: you pick from my list of regattas that need covering and I send you there to shoot video and photos for the site. I can't pay you, but I can pay for your travel, food and lodging. I'll get you set up with a camera and show you just what I'm looking for and how to do it.

No experience is necessary! All you need is a passion for the sport and a desire to see some of the best sailboat racing this country has to offer. I will show you everything you need to know and will be available to assist with the technical stuff. Even if you only have limited time available, I can probably use you.

For your efforts you will receive the coveted Sailgroove T shirt, black or white, and you'll get to hang out at the coolest regattas around, including the after-regatta tent if you of age.

So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Email me at chris@sailgroove.org and tell me you're interested!

Thanks in advance.