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September 1, 2008 - September 1, 2009

created by: Chris Love

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  • Episode 7: A New Mark Trap

    Matt Knowles explains a loophole in the 2009 rules that may lead to an interesting situation in team...

  • Gybing a Moth

    Expert Moth sailor Hans Henken explains how to execute a "foiling gybe," in other words, a smooth gy...

  • Episode 6: Wing to Wing Gybe

    Ben Spiller and Kerry Sullivan from Boston University demonstrate the best techniques when doing a w...

  • Episode 1: Stop and Go

    Brown coach John Mollicone takes us through the Stop and Go drill, explaining how to get the maximum...

  • Technique Tuesday - The 360

    Nick Ewenson and Meredith Nordhem explain that the best way to avoid the "bad part of sailing"--lear...

  • Roll Gybe

    This week Annie Haeger demonstrates proper technique when roll gybing a Lasre or Radial.

  • Light Air Tack

    Steph Hudson and Rebecca King return to Technique Tuesday to bring you a revolutionary new way to ta...

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stupid freshman 5 years ago

TT helped me win states as a freshman I need you guys

the new laser sailer 5 years ago

anyone know where I can find stuff on lasers? The last time I tried to tack in one I got smoked by the boom

coach 6 years ago


HarryTheHamster 6 years ago

Sorry for double-post (I got an error on the 1st). Also:
Wind-gust spotting
Current & Tides

HarryTheHamster 6 years ago

Lots of possibilities:
Slowing the boat (an art in itself!)
Boat on boat tactics (eg loose/tight cover, keep/break overlap)
Diet, Fitness & other personal prep
Boat preperation
Teaching / coaching techniques
Rule 42 dos/donts (eg have all TTs been legal?)
Protest technique

Harry the Hamster 6 years ago

Lots of possibilities eg:
Slowing the boat (yes you do need to)
Tactics eg tight/loose covering, mark-rounding
Boat preparation
Diet, Fitness & other personal-prep
Exploiting rules (eg efficient luffs, breaking overlaps)
Rule 42 dos/dont's (eg have all the TTs actually been legal ;-))
More on training/coaching techniques

Chris Love 6 years ago

A.C. obviously noticed the expiration date on the coverage, Sept 1, 2009. Technique Tuesday certainly does not have to stop, but now that the series is 40 episodes old, maybe it is time for a new season.

What, if any, changes should be made? What topics or boats have not been explained thoroughly enough? What would you like to see in the 09-10 season of TT?

What?!? 6 years ago

Who said TT was over???

6 years ago

now that this is over. will there be tactic thurday?

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