Every spring in Boston, the Charles River is overrun by college sailing as 3 divisions of doublehanded boats hit the water for the Boston Dinghy Cup.  This year, it's all FJ's.  Here are the teams competing:


NEISA: MIT, Harvard, Boston Univ, Boston Coll, Roger Williams, Tufts, Brown, Yale, Connecticut Coll, CGA, URI

MAISA: NY Maritime, Hobart/WmSmith, Navy

MCSA: Michigan

PCCSC: UC/Santa Barbara

SAISA: Eckerd

SEISA: Texas

 Up-to-the-minute results by Ryan Pesch and Trevor Burd


March 28, 2009 - March 29, 2009

Harvard and MIT

Cambridge, Massachusetts

created by: Chris Love

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    The B division boat from Texas, with Nataleigh Vann and Brandon Fiew, just won their race. Here is t...

  • BU Guest Interview

    BU alum Matt Conover interviews BU senior Sarah Donahue.

  • Texas Making it Happen

    The Texas team had some problems with their gear, but they're making it happen.

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  • The Champions

    Congratulations to the Champion Harvard Team for winning the 80th Boston Dinghy Cup!

  • Navy A Division Update

    The Navy A sqaud of Timothy Murphy and Caroline Lockett won race 2A. Here's what they had to say imm...

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We need to see more races...
firefighting the river. Although that is kind of cool.


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