Prepare yourself for the Vanguard 15 class' biggest event of the year, the National Championship.  Skipper Danny Pletsch returns to defend his 2008 National title he won in his home waters of Larchmont.  But after finishing 6th at the Larchmont Spring regatta, some are asking, "Has Pletsch lost his mojo?"  Will this open the doors for the up and comers?  Don't miss this one.

July 11, 2009 - July 12, 2009

Sayville Yacht Club

Blue Point, New York

created by: Chris Love

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jetski 6 years ago

yup look in the photos on page three

6 years ago

is there any footage of sam williams boat getting owned by a jetski?

The Boom 6 years ago

Probably also has to do with the events being held at better locations for wind.

skipper four 6 years ago

Pletch may have lost his mojo... But where is Ward Young this year? After a second at last years nationals, one would think he wanted to chase the trophy.

Craig Thompson 6 years ago

That's a bold statement Craig.
I have always liked racing the boats. It just seemed as though interest was fading in the fleet racing aspect and shifting more towards the team racing. Good to see such a stacked entry list at the event. I wish I could make it out.

ebb and flow 6 years ago

the fleet has always had ups and downs. i think it makes a difference when the bigger regattas are held at times and places where the best can actually make it

Chris Love 6 years ago

That's a bold statement Craig.

Anyone have room in their tent? Also, anyone driving down from Boston?

Craig Thompson 6 years ago

So is V15 fleet racing making a comeback? I didn't think anyone was into that anymore.

Matt Allen Fan Club 6 years ago

I see YOU are worrying about your toboggan! I just checked sailflow and it sailed 0-5 and lumpy left over slop.

Chiggins 6 years ago

BTW just checked the forecast on sailflow. calling for big breeze sat. and pretty good on sunday. hopefully no light stuff like last year...knock on wood

Chiggins 6 years ago

Don't you worry about my toboggan. you'll have to wait and see next week. Anyone getting there early? I'm comin up with Mikey Brown on Thurs.

Matt Allen Fan Club 6 years ago

Wow chuck, is that a semi you've got for le dans?

Also, will you have meat in your toboggan this year?

Chiggins 6 years ago

I doubt Danny will ever lose his mojo so long as there is a beer boat nearby with a fresh stock. Lookin forward to this year's nats

6 years ago

what the finish boat doesn't count?

Jack Ace 6 years ago

There should be an age limit.. these two clowns are too old.

Danny Pletsch 6 years ago

Highlights from the V-15 New Englands this past weekend.

John Baxter rafted the finish boat with no other boats around him. To correct himself he spun a 720 then finished.

john baxter 6 years ago

Did he have Mojo?


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