The 2009 US Match Racing Championship will feature the country's best match racers facing off for a chance to win the Prince of Wales Bowl.  Skippers Brian Angel, Dave Perry, Bill Hardesty, David Dellenbaugh, Russ Silvestri, Chris Nesbitt, Maegan Ruhlman, Anna Tunnicliffe and Mark Johnson will be bringing their A game to St. Petersburg

November 18, 2009 - November 22, 2009

St. Petersburg Yacht Club

St. Petersburg, Florida

created by: Chris Love

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Quiet Thinker 6 years ago

I love the pic up top, you think they'll keep those go-fast fenders on during the racing? I love it when people go around with those hanging out the whole time. They must be staying safe in case Rodney Dangerfield comes around...

Chris Love 6 years ago

Breeze is here! Be sure to check out Kattack's LIVE coverage of the racing today and then check back here later for video of racing and interviews.


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