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Dan Hurwit 7 years ago


baka da ice man 7 years ago

nate, no cursing!

Nate Rosenberg 7 years ago

Get a life you jackasses

Lara Hwa 7 years ago

notice we are the only team without a posed photo.

ole greg 7 years ago

wow, too much studying math, i think I just forgot english for a second.

ole greg 7 years ago

I can't who who looks like their in their natural pose the most, the hwit or the blondey we all love.

liz lynch 7 years ago


Dan Hurwit 7 years ago

Yea, yea Nate Rosenberg. I heard about him...nothing but bad news.

Peter 7 years ago

Huge sketchball, stay away from him I think his name is nate or something

Dan Hurwit 7 years ago

Whose that kid on the left?! He looks like such a creeper...