Ryan Breymaier

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Ryan Breymaier March Update

on March 17, 2011

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Catching up with the Neutrogena boat and Ryan Breymaier, the sole American competing in this year's Barcelona World Race. Over the past few days, Neutrogena has been bouncing between 4th and 5th overall, with just one more Ocean to get through, the Atlantic.

More at barcelonaworldrace.org

Ryan Breymaier discovered his passion and natural talent for sailing at the age of 18 when he joined St Mary's College, Maryland. He soon realized that this was to be his vocation and became a professional sailor within two years. He has not looked back.

The last 12 years have seen Ryan racing on all sizes of boats around the world, including many of the major offshore events.

Ryan's interest in offshore, short-handed sailing developed early on. A tough scene to break in to, he jumped at an opportunity to work with French IMOCA team, Kairos in preparation for Roland Jourdain's Fastnet onboard Veolia Environnement in 2007. He quickly became an integral member of the crew, solely in charge of all deck and rigging aspects of the boat and prepared Roland's 2008 Vendee Globe.

In 2009 Ryan became sailing crew, racing onboard Veolia Environnement in the Istanbul Europa Race against some of top sailors in the world and the only American currently racing in this class.

2010 has seen Ryan's big break in the IMOCA class. He will be on the start line of the Barcelona World Race with Roland Jourdain's old boat, now named Neutrogena. Overjoyed to be given this opportunity, he is ready to give 100% in his first around the world race.

Outside of sailing Ryan is a keen mountain biker and snowboarder, he also enjoys woodwork, fishing and has an interest in archaeology. He has learnt a new language and has made France his temporary home to further his involvement with the IMOCA class.

Ryan's passion for sailing does not stop with racing. He has a keen interest in weather and navigation. His talent for problem solving has made him a priceless team-member be it rigging, boat-building or optimization.

This natural hands-on talent, combined with his sailing capabilities and sheer determination to be the best, make Ryan a strong future contender in the IMOCA 60 class.

  • http://www.breymaiersailing.com

  • Saint Mary's College

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