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The Effect of the Economy on Sailing

Chris Love 7 years ago

Usually when you show up at a regatta site, someone will remark about the weather, "You should have been here last week. It was clear skies and blowin' a solid [awesome wind speed] everyday." Well for me, traveling to so many regattas for the first time, it's been, "You should have seen the turnout last year. We got [awesome turnout] in 2008. This year it's almost cut in half." The degree to which regatta attendance has been affected surely varies, but nobody seems to be immune. People just aren't getting to as many regattas this year as they have in years past. What about you? Are you scaling back your regatta schedule? Staying closer to home? Did you launch your boat this year? Are you having trouble finding work as a crew? Are you holding off on repairs or on purchasing a new boat? How about in your home waters? How has the sailing scene been affected where you are? Has your summer been ruined or are you getting in enough sailing?

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The Boom 7 years ago

says keep it local.

Candace Porter 7 years ago

In the Midwest youth events seem untouched. It appears parents may be choosing to support those events in lieu of their own. The local events seem healthy in scows. Homelake racing is booming. Perhaps we are seeing a shift from National events requiring travel to more support for the smaller "home" events. Boat building may be down but sails sales are holding a bit better. Lots of new krinkle on the line. We are fortunate in scow country for the continued support of our classes. Having said that, we lost a fine sailmaker this year. The prior owner has moved over to Melges/North so we still have our same personnel, just another look.

7 years ago

it might be a good thing for sailing because the less expensive classes are becoming more popular.

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